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Monster Kolor Resin Dyes. Specifically formulated to give your resin casts a truly unique look.


Basic Instructions-

 Add  10-15 drops of Monster Kolor Resin Dye per 50 grams of resin mix. Most of our casting is done with Smooth On 325 & 326.

There is no exact method to this. Please do your own testing before handling a "real" project. 

Some of the Dyes have a different consistency to them. This is normal.

We have hundereds of dye colors formulated.New colors will be added frequently. Please email if you have speical requests





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  1. Vivid Slime, Vivid Pink, C thru Green, Rainbow Bling.

    Posted by Rich Dufresne on 25th Jul 2014

    Great dyes!! Using them in Smooth On 326 resin. Vivid Slime is amazing, see thru Green is cool, and Vivid Pink is amazing. Rainbow Bling gives a nice effect.

  2. Bling Silver dye, Glow dye, Vivid Slime dye...

    Posted by Rich Dufresne on 12th Jul 2014

    The Glow dye is by far the best for me. I use it with Solar Color Dust's GID powder. The 2 combined make an amazing glow like I've only seen in Glow Plastic Toys. On it's own the dye is amazing. Difficult to incorporate into the liquid (lacquer thinner?), but once mixed incorporates into the resin nicely. Vivid Slime is amazing!! The color and look of the figures is awesome, and vivid!! The Bling Silver disappointed me. I had to use an entire bottle just for one figure. The results were lackluster, but I will try again!! Definitely going to try some more dyes and paints!!

  3. C-Thru Seashore - Unique Color

    Posted by Tomecko on 10th Apr 2014

    Glad I found this product, looked everywhere for a transparent resin dye that came out more turquoise than blue. Transparent blue dye tends to look more 'pastel' when the amount of dye is lessened, and I wanted a sky blue color as opposed to pale pastel blue.

    You can go from a sky blue shade with a small amount to a brilliant, rich turquoise with a large amount of this dye. Very versatile.

    You do have to be certain to mix this dye into your resin as soon as dispensing it - if left to separate on the surface of the resin, it clumps and sticks to the side of the mixing container, either diluting your intended color, or leaving your resin with unmixed 'dry' chunks of dye visible throughout. This may be because I am using this dye with a different brand of resin, however (Castin' Craft Clear Casting Epoxy Resin).

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